Monday, March 10, 2008


i'm walking into an exam again today and i'm hoping that my WITS are going to come into play... yikes! i am once again not prepared...maybe next time it will work out better! fingers crossed for me that i pass this one and can cross it off the list. i've done well on the course material, but not having the books in front of me could prove to be my downfall.

i've been working on a hot water bottle hopes that i won't need it anymore as soon as i finish it. this is a quick little knit and because it progresses so quickly i can feel like i accomplished something, which is a nice contrast to the studying. i'll be back to the socks tonight after the exam. if i can crank dad's out in a week i should be able to get michelle's completed by next week. yay!

if you haven't been to picasa in a while, go check it out. there are pics of london from before christmas, new year's eve (a small party in a BIG storm), and marble mountain last weekend.


Saturday, March 08, 2008

plastic baggies = druggie

chicago is going to ban plastic baggies. seriously? because you couldn't use a bigger baggie? or something else? doesn't this seem really odd to you?

*found through here.