Saturday, September 08, 2007

radio silence

you can expect some pretty severe radio silence from me now. i'm leaving for a week to go back to BC for my grandfather's funeral and to see some friends; it's year end at work and we are (still) short staffed; i'm not into broadcasting the events of my life of late, what with all the upheavals.

plans to blog in the future are there...but i can't tell you when the future will be.

i expect the next few months to involve a lot of nights ending in empty pitchers...

nothing spells trouble like beer through a straw.



Sunday, September 02, 2007

if you listen to a lot of music and totally hate the radio stations in your town (hello!) might be the solution to your troubles. i had heard of, but thought it was something that wouldn't be any use to me. well, living without tv is great, but holy cow it can be quiet around here sometimes. so i do listen to a lot of music and am constantly wishing i could expand my play list. enter i listen to whatever i normally would and it comes up with a list of things that i would probably like and i can listen to them online, just like the radio. or, you can put in that you want to listen to bands that sound like whoever, and it will generate a playlist of bands that are similar. sweet. i'm going to listen some more now.