Friday, April 27, 2007

a short list of unrelated things

1. yesterday it snowed. it didn't stick, and it only lasted about 30 minutes, but it was a complete white out. it was during dinner and i was staring out the window saying " is that?" it sort of started as hail and then turned into giant flakes. very odd.

2. tonight it the launch concert for the university orchestra (this is the one that vernon is taking to russia). they leave a week today. he is stressed, but as things fall into place he's getting excited which is great to see.

3. this weekend i need to buckle down and get and get cracking on my midterm assignment. it's due while i'm in i guess i should crank that out. after this week of having the flu and then a really bad cold i'm just not into it. hopefully by the morning that will change.

4. it was 20 degrees in paris today.

5. i am still dealing with the crushing blow caused by the knowledge that my favourite candies are dairy based. the joy-ride type thrill of realizing i can still get them here in the middle of the atlantic completely crashed by the ingredient list. things were so much easier Before Allergies.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

flu bug marathon

i have the flu. and have for 3 days. it came on sometime on saturday as a sore throat. and then became, well, the flu. i stayed home from work yesterday, went in for 2 hours this morning and then came home and crawled right back into the pajamas and onto the couch.

the only good thing about this is that i've completed these:
mom's belated (like by 2.5 months) birthday gift. bed socks of a design by her request,
just in time for the 22 degree weather they are having....ugh.

and an action shot...sort of....pretend i'm walking......
disregard the tissues on the carpet. i've spent two days propped in the corner of the couch engaged in a Lord of the Rings DVD marathon....what do you expect? only some of those tissues are from an actual cold. the rest are from when various bad things happen to various fantastic characters. yes, i've seen the movies before. yes, i know what happens. yes yes and yes to all the rest of your questions. i get fantasty fiction. i can't help it - the men are wearing breast plates and have swords!

alright - i could rant about how 90% of the pine trees in kamloops are dead from the pine beetle already and there's no way they can remove all the dead trees from my parents neighbourhood by the time fire season comes along this year (think heavily wooded + lots of dead trees + fire = bad)...but i can't put enough coherent sentences together to tell the whole story. suffice to say - lots of trees dead. entire once beautifully wooded parks are treeless and barren. it's really really sad. i'm really really sad.

back to the couch for me. those hobbits haven't finished their journey and they won't with me just sitting here...

Thursday, April 19, 2007

life meets the vinyl cafe

it's been a while since i have blogged and for that...many apologies. life here has gotten a wee bit out of control. work is INSANELY busy. lots of good things happening which all require a lot of extra digging and figuring. school is chugging along and i can happily announce that i aced my last quiz. that's right, i got 100%. because of this i have gleefully decided that i'm remarkably brilliant and that last semester's small "issue" with getting the knowledge from my head to the paper was an inconvenience and nothing more. remarkably brilliant. yup.

last night vernon and i went to the Ship for folk night. live music, open mike, door prizes, good times. while there i got to meet stuart mclean. it was really cool. he's a really nice guy. i'm kind of hoping that i either didn't make a complete arse of myself (is that possible?) or that i never see him again. i'm sure i was fine.... he's taping two live shows here next week. it would be really fun to go. the band (hey rosetta!) that vernon did some recording with last year are one or the musical guests which is great for them. that album won a whole bunch of awards this year. but vernon and i don't have the money to go really. or rather, we have the money but i'm saving my 40$ for some fun in paris. you know, fun like wine and baguettes!

other than that - things here are pretty dull. i'm still working on mom's bday gift. this is like, 2 months overdue already. i think i finally have it figured out though and can now START AGAIN. sigh. the red scarf is almost done. but it's going in the xmas gift pile so you can't see it. because it might just be for you!

alright. i need a nap. i stayed up too late talking to stuart mclean. (i can not believe i didn't have my camera. i will officially never leave home without it. there could be a really cool picture of me WITH stuart mclean here, but alas. there is none.)


Sunday, April 08, 2007

this weekend has been all about studying. it hasn't been fun, it hasn't been pretty, but at least i'm getting it done. i basically have nothing new to say. the snow is almost gone. it's patchy and there are still piles, but in comparison to how much was here, it's almost not even noticeable at this point. what is left is all brown and very dry and crumbly. all we need is a few good hard rains and it would all go away. instead we are getting a lot of faint drizzle which isn't doing anything. at least it isn't the 15-20 cm that the maritimes and the western parts of newfoundland were/are getting. i suppose i can't really complain!

i've started a new scarf:
just something mindless to give my hands something to do while listening to the TERRIBLE lecturer drone on and on. the pattern is adapted from Wendy's Fir Cone Wrap.
i have made quite a few mistakes in the pattern already but i'm not sure that i care enough to rip back. you can't really tell in the photo above (or at least i can't), but you can when you look closely:

i guess you just shouldn't look closely.

that's it for now. back to the books....