Thursday, April 19, 2007

life meets the vinyl cafe

it's been a while since i have blogged and for that...many apologies. life here has gotten a wee bit out of control. work is INSANELY busy. lots of good things happening which all require a lot of extra digging and figuring. school is chugging along and i can happily announce that i aced my last quiz. that's right, i got 100%. because of this i have gleefully decided that i'm remarkably brilliant and that last semester's small "issue" with getting the knowledge from my head to the paper was an inconvenience and nothing more. remarkably brilliant. yup.

last night vernon and i went to the Ship for folk night. live music, open mike, door prizes, good times. while there i got to meet stuart mclean. it was really cool. he's a really nice guy. i'm kind of hoping that i either didn't make a complete arse of myself (is that possible?) or that i never see him again. i'm sure i was fine.... he's taping two live shows here next week. it would be really fun to go. the band (hey rosetta!) that vernon did some recording with last year are one or the musical guests which is great for them. that album won a whole bunch of awards this year. but vernon and i don't have the money to go really. or rather, we have the money but i'm saving my 40$ for some fun in paris. you know, fun like wine and baguettes!

other than that - things here are pretty dull. i'm still working on mom's bday gift. this is like, 2 months overdue already. i think i finally have it figured out though and can now START AGAIN. sigh. the red scarf is almost done. but it's going in the xmas gift pile so you can't see it. because it might just be for you!

alright. i need a nap. i stayed up too late talking to stuart mclean. (i can not believe i didn't have my camera. i will officially never leave home without it. there could be a really cool picture of me WITH stuart mclean here, but alas. there is none.)


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