Sunday, April 08, 2007

this weekend has been all about studying. it hasn't been fun, it hasn't been pretty, but at least i'm getting it done. i basically have nothing new to say. the snow is almost gone. it's patchy and there are still piles, but in comparison to how much was here, it's almost not even noticeable at this point. what is left is all brown and very dry and crumbly. all we need is a few good hard rains and it would all go away. instead we are getting a lot of faint drizzle which isn't doing anything. at least it isn't the 15-20 cm that the maritimes and the western parts of newfoundland were/are getting. i suppose i can't really complain!

i've started a new scarf:
just something mindless to give my hands something to do while listening to the TERRIBLE lecturer drone on and on. the pattern is adapted from Wendy's Fir Cone Wrap.
i have made quite a few mistakes in the pattern already but i'm not sure that i care enough to rip back. you can't really tell in the photo above (or at least i can't), but you can when you look closely:

i guess you just shouldn't look closely.

that's it for now. back to the books....

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