Saturday, March 31, 2007

nothing to say.

is it time for summer yet?? this is the weather than i'm waiting for!

i don't even know what to talk about today....but i felt the need to post some kind of update.

this week has been REALLY busy. we finally finished quarter end for Q2 and even though the auditors are now coming back with more in depth questions we are on top of it. it just takes time. generally lots of time. another month end starts tonight with me having to go into the office around 11pm to run reports. fun! oh well. whatever. it will only take an hour or so.

i need to start cracking down on school too. i'm paranoid that i will get behind when i go to paris (PARIS!) and want to be well ahead of the game by the time that comes around.

elga mailed me back the last harry potter book that i had lent her when i left town last year. she sent a cute note card with a sentiment so hilarious and inappropriate that i won't repeat it here. but i laughed. really hard. and then i missed her even more.
isn't that a cute card? i want one with a J!

i finished the first bed sock for mom. as you can see from the pictures below i have made some grave errors in judgement. BUT, that's ok. i've figured it out. i know how to make it and how it all fits together. it's knit in one piece which confused the heck out of me, and also made it hard for me to tell what part was what because it all sort of bunches up on the needles. now i just need to reknit two more and make more ankle, less foot. *sigh* i still thinks it's pretty amazing that i managed to get that far with no pattern and without actually taking it off the needles to see how it was working out.
my version. hmmmm....something is terribly wrong with this foot!

the original. knit by someone who knew what they were doing.


Anonymous said...

Hi there - With being back from Winnipeg I can keep up with your blog again. The turkey dinner sounded amazing. Your bed sock is hillarious. Anyway, good luck with the revision.

Still love to think back of the great weekend seeing you both.


Jukes said...

Oh fine, accosted by Regehr's at every turn. I'll add my comment. She's right, the sock is, umm, uniquely charming. Nice shot of the kid brother on the cliff. No two ways about he's a hansome fella. Hope the concert was good this evening. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and think, tomorrow is April so you've got a few days of respite before you have to start working on month end again.

Jenn F said...

Just so you know, it snowed in Kamloops, April 1. It stayed on the ground. I am very jealous of your weather.

Elga said...

i miss you too sweatah.

jen c said...

oooo - that pic was taken last summer.....i'm just dreaming for that weather!