Sunday, October 29, 2006

9 degrees, overcast, light rain

that's the current weather listing on the weather network website. 9 degrees, overcast, light rain. the subtlety lies in what is over to the right of those words.....over on the side where it breaks it down into more specific details you'll see that it says:

WINDS 46 km/h
GUSTS 74 km/h

where are the hurrican warnings? where are the weather alerts and the freaking notices telling me "DON'T GO OUTSIDE. YOU WILL GET BLOWN AWAY. YOU ARE FROM BC. PUT YOUR BIRKENSTOCKS BACK ON AND MULL UP ANOTHER BOTTLE OF WINE IN YOUR SLOW COOKER." nowhere. they are nowhere because this does not register as a weather anomoly to these people. in vancouver, trees would be falling down. here, the trees are just really short and deeply rooted. the tree in vernon's backyard is basically lying flat on the ground but it won't fall down. between "gusts" it just pops back up and flails around wildly like a drunk teenager at a school dance. i am basically refusing to go outside. i'm saying it's because i'll get wet and cold but honestly it's because i'm scared i'll fall over. i am not accustomed to wind and it's really blowing. i've heard stories about people going for walks on windy days and having to turn back because they couldn't walk against the wind - it was pushing them back. and people here say that on really windy days the kids put rocks in their pockets to keep from getting blown over. um. ok. well they can bundle up and put whatever they want in their pockets - i'm staying home. (here we should note that i'm beginning to wonder what people tell me just to see if i'll believe it....they should have figured it out by now, i believe everything they tell me....and it all sounds weird.)

and in case anyone was wondering - home now looks like this:
the remains of a day of study....

the knitting chair. now, this is not where the knitting happens....this is where the knitting lives. i suppose i'll have to move it somewhere when michelle won't be happy, but what can i do?? it is taking over the living room. you can't really tell, but that is 3 separate projects in progress. two that are becoming things and one that isn't. i'm most excited about the green that is becoming fingerless gloves. no more freezing my hands off at the office. the other ones we just won't talk about. maybe when they are done. we'll see.

is it just me or is anyone else freezing all the time on this island? i see people without hats and mittens every day and i am bundled up and still cold! we went for dinner at a friends the other night and when we arrived they made some comment about us walking over, thinking that we had because of all my clothes. how embarrassed was i when i said "oh no, we drove, it's just really really cold out there." they laughed. they seriously did. as i peeled off my toque, mittens, down vest, fleece and a sweater.... they all think it's cute that i'm freezing and getting "acclimatized". oh no, there will be no acclimatization happening. i'm going to buy more sweaters, bundle up, stay inside and stay my soft west coast self (birkenstocks at all, you don't think i let those at home did you?)

i just went to try to take a picture out the window of the storm and right when i was thinking that it wouldn't work because it's too dark outside i noticed water running down vernon's dining room window. on the inside. nice. we have a leak! it's not our house so we don't really care, and the landlord has been called and he'll come by tomorrow......probably doesn't help that the rain is coming at the house in all directions including up. anyhoo. that caused some minor excitement. i'm pretty much convinced that the weather is trying to get in at me because i have refused it's challenge and have decided to stay inside. well you know what? a rolled up towel will put it in it's place. ha!

alright. that's all i got. i'm lighting a fire and going back to my knitting. (i have officially become an 85 year old woman). we rented "water" - the deepa mehta film. should be good. i'll let you know.


(ps - i just checked the weather again and it's a degree warmer now, up to 10, and the gusts are down to 54km/h. well - that's downright summery!)

Thursday, October 26, 2006


the monkey is gone! GONE!! oh my gosh. i don't know where he is. he was here.... and then he was gone..... he might have flown out of the car window, or dropped out when we opened the door. i still have a couple of places to look (like my driveway) but right now he's GONE. the elephant is sad. he is hiding in the glovebox right now crying. *sigh* if you see him - tell him to call home!


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

check it out...

the new newfoundland and labrador brand. they are supposed to be pitcher plants and yet look more like magic mushrooms. yeesh. how west coast is this?

Saturday, October 14, 2006

warm and ..... cloudy!

who knew, that by finishing my scarf i would unleash a day of warmth on this city? it's 19 degrees out - definitely NOT scarf weather! i couldn't believe it when i walked outside this morning. i had to take my jacket off and leave it at home! there are kids playing out in the street with shorts on and people are out in tshirts. it's fantastic - i love it. :) scarf is done! yay!! isn't it great?? i love it, i really really do. weeee!

now - here's a bit of a birthday sampler for all of you who want to know what i did on my big weekend.....

no..that's not a fridge FULL of beer - it's only a few but all different kinds! how exciting. most of them are still in the fridge actually, but it was fun to photograph.
my pile of loot on the mantle...

i got so much amazing stuff - some of which i photographed because i'm a geek and you can see here. but i also got knitting needles for life - every available size in both circular and straight plus "knitting for dummies", which really isn't for dummies, it's for the rest of us just like the cover says. i've already figured a few things that i was wondering about so there you go. thanks mom and dad! and michael's is having a huge yarn sale starting tomorrow apparently so i'm taking my bday cash and heading out there to stock up on a few things. yay!

my birthday bouquet (yay for vernon!)...

us at breakfast - the waitor asked where we were visiting from - um, not all crazy people with cameras are tourists....some are just crazy people with cameras...

my new mp3 player - look how small it is! yay! it doubles as a flash drive. cool. it also makes up for the fact that i accidentally sent the last one through the washing machine - i'll have to make sure i don't do that again.....

we tried to go up signal hill for a nice view of the city/ocean at night. it was sooo cold and windy. sooo cold i didn't want to get out and so windy that i couldn't hold the camera still....

and here is perhaps one of the most exciting gifts of all.....i am the proud owner of several pairs of socks - fun socks, socks with pigs, striped socks and these ones - how warm do my legs look?? that's the look of warmth my friends, warmth indeed....

paula sent me a card, just because she loves me. the card it self simply reads "thinking of you" and there is a magnet attached. this is the one that she sent me. yup. that's right! for some reason it made her think of me....i wonder why that is?

Monday, October 09, 2006

flash: 1996-2006

for those of you who don't know, flash died last wednesday. he went in for an operation to remove a large cancerous tumour from his chest and he had to be put down during the operation as the cancer was found to be everywhere. i missed him before, but knowing he's gone forever makes me miss him more (if that's possible). he was 10 years old and was the best dog ever....everyone thinks that about their dogs...but flash really was something special. always naughty and up to no good, we couldn't help but love him and his bad breath, big feet, and heavy weight that threatened to break the couch.

bye flash.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

creating some warmth

so i'm knitting a scarf. i have quite a list of things i am about to knit actually.... fingerless gloves to ward off the cold (sooooo cold), this scarf that is over halfway complete, a sweater vest (as to avoid having to deal with sleeves - i don't feel up to sleeves yet), a toque which will probably be too small for me (not enough yarn) but i'll give it to someone - anyone out there with a tiny head? another scarf with a really neat pattern that involves dropping stitches on purpose and unravelling bits of it (trust me, it looks cool). anyhoo - so here is project number one. i call it.... scarf.

yes it's two different colour ways. the first one was a pink/red/purple stripe and the second is a green/brown/blue stripe. i had two balls of the same wool in different colours and they didn't end up being big enough on their own to become toques (even though i was assured by the nice lady who sold me the wool and gave me the pattern that they would be long enough). so after having one melt down over a toque that got torn out, i started knitting this scarf. it's fun, i'll wear it because i'm crazy basically and so there you go. should be done this weekend. yay!