Thursday, October 05, 2006

creating some warmth

so i'm knitting a scarf. i have quite a list of things i am about to knit actually.... fingerless gloves to ward off the cold (sooooo cold), this scarf that is over halfway complete, a sweater vest (as to avoid having to deal with sleeves - i don't feel up to sleeves yet), a toque which will probably be too small for me (not enough yarn) but i'll give it to someone - anyone out there with a tiny head? another scarf with a really neat pattern that involves dropping stitches on purpose and unravelling bits of it (trust me, it looks cool). anyhoo - so here is project number one. i call it.... scarf.

yes it's two different colour ways. the first one was a pink/red/purple stripe and the second is a green/brown/blue stripe. i had two balls of the same wool in different colours and they didn't end up being big enough on their own to become toques (even though i was assured by the nice lady who sold me the wool and gave me the pattern that they would be long enough). so after having one melt down over a toque that got torn out, i started knitting this scarf. it's fun, i'll wear it because i'm crazy basically and so there you go. should be done this weekend. yay!

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