Sunday, February 25, 2007


i'm just testing the RSS feed - lack thereof. it's actually there - so yay! it works.

even on a mac. :)

that's right y'all....


i apologize the pics are kind of dark...i didn't want to sully them with a flash. :)

Saturday, February 24, 2007

STORM updated

well. the reports of how much snow we received were grossly understated. in fact, the weather people came back and said that they were wrong (how often does THAT happen?). it was more like mid 40's centimetre wise. and some parts of the city got more like 60.

last night we had another foot. FUN! i seriously wondered where i was going to put it. the banks on either side of my driveway are about 7 feet high now and it's getting hard to throw the snow over that. luckily, vernon is taller than me, so he shovelled this morning for me.

there is precipitation coming down right now, and it's definitely snow....but it's heavier and distinctly smaller than normal (whatever normal is). i fear this is the dreaded snow/rain mix they were calling for.

on a side note, i don't think i ever showed you this toque. it's going to charity. not because i don't like it, but because i agreed to knit 5 things for charity and i sort of want to keep my part of the bargain. this is item #2.

and - so mom can see that actual progress is being made. here's a shot of the first booty in progress. i'm farther along now, but you get the idea of the pattern at least...

and now, i will leave you with this picture so that i can get back to school work. this is the stop sign on my street. note how if it snows again it will be gone. :)

ps: the house next door finally sold and i think the people may have now moved in....judging by the fact that there are 4 (FOUR!) kids running around the backyard (more trudging through waist deep snow than running really).... now they are jumping from the roof of the little shed into the giant snow pile that is their hard. that actually looks really fun!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


we received just over 30cm of snow last night. (i will add an update to say that some parts of the city got closer to 50cm. i may or may not have been in one of those parts.... people are saying that it is close to the storm they had last year, if not worse, and that one was 70cm. we just drove from vernon's house to mine and some of the main arteries aren't even plowed - or they were only able to do one pass so it's one lane. lots of black ice. lots of abandoned vehicles.) the winds were between 80 and 90 km/h with gusting over 110. it snowed most of yesterday and all night - the wind was raging all day and night. i think the craziest part is that when i awoke this morning - the wind was still howling. it hasn't died down yet. my phone rang at 7am and it was M (my boss), telling me the office was closed until at least noon. my office NEVER closes. last time they closed the banks and took the buses off the road i still worked my full day - we openly mock those who close in the face of a bit of "weather". apparently this is serious. our building manager will reassess at 10:30. if we hear nothing, we go in at noon.
here are some pics.

exhibit A: ok - in this one, although it's a crappy photo - you see that car across the street? in the driveway?

ok - now see in this photo taken this morning (about 16 hours later) how you can't see the wheels for the snow? (click on the pics to view them bigger)

exhibit B: my driveway. what driveway you ask? that's what i said when i looked out the window. obviously the plow came by during the night, BUT the snow at the front of my driveway is now as tall as the piles on either side. those piles are AS TALL AS MY RAV4. which is almost taller than me. that's going to be really really fun to shovel.

exhibit C: the snow on my deck. is up to my kitchen window.

exhibit D: speaking of snow on the deck. i'm sure my landlady is concerned about all that weight. too bad the kitchen door opens OUT. don't think i'm going to get out there for a while...

i have double checked and the snow is not drifted up on my front steps. so at least i can get outside to shovel the snow. i have my fingers crossed that the office will remain closed.


ps - vernon just emailed this photo of his back door - holy COW!

UPDATE: it's about an hour later now. the entire city is shut down (keep your fingers crossed i don't have to go to the office at all today!). the guy across the street has started snow blowing his driveway. i wonder where he plans on going. there is absolutely nothing open today. i honestly think that people here just like playing with their snow blowers. it's fairly comical - he is totally bundled up and covered in snow. i'm not starting to shovel for a few hours at least.

but the snow day will not go to waste! along with more stats lectures that i need to watch/listen to - i have one more sock to finish. i can't let this one go on without a mate (plus, my right foot is cold). :)

EDITED AGAIN: we dug out my driveway. by "we" i mean, my landlady and the two guys across the street. they brought a snowblower over to do the last 5 feet between the house and the street. that was chest deep. yikes. this pic is of my landlady just as we started to get to the part where we were wishing they would hurry up with snowblowing all the old folks walkways and bring the snowblower over! but at least now it's done. it took two hours and the office is officially closed for the whole day. yay!

Monday, February 19, 2007


it seems that i have created a blogging monster.... he can be seen here:

cello prof on the rock


the weekend

this weekend the weather was fantastic - saturday was a mix of sun and cloud and intermittant snow all day. not a lot, but basically continuous. sunday dawned bright and clear which really spells one thing: STORM. the storm came last night in the form of a crap load of snow. tonight the winds will apparently come. fun! but for now, some pics.

the sock is getting longer. i'm about halfway done the leg i figure. i'm not really sure. part of me wants to just end it now but i know i'll be sad when it's not long enough. so i soldier on. we drove out to beachy cove and bauline on sunday afternoon. basically we just wanted to get out of the city and see some country. it was very picturesque. and very very cold. here's a church in beachy cove. it has a fantastic view of the water.

the cliffs of bell island. isn't that spectacular? the ferry was coming in while we were there and it was heaving something fierce though. i wouldn't want to have to take a boat in the winter here.

how windy was it? so windy, my eyes blew shut. my body, thanks to my shiny new far west jacket is very very warm. my legs, thanks to my midzero tights under my jeans are very very warm. my face is frozen solid. and the snow is very bright in the sun. but it was pretty. so there you go.
the next time we got out of the car (this time in bauline), i was smart and wore my break n' enter gear:
the locals looked at me funny but i was warm so whatever. also - in this photo i'm actually smiling. talk about a reflex eh?

Sunday, February 18, 2007

more lists...

lists have got to be, in my opinion, one of the greatest tools that we have at our disposal. i have lists for absolutely everything - a running list of groceries on the fridge, a list of potential christmas gift ideas for next year, a list of birthday ideas for everyone i know, a list of knitting projects (both in progress and future plans), a list of things to do each day.
at the end of every work day, i actually do clear my desk (as well as that can happen in the paper disaster that is my life) and make a coherent list of things that i need and want to get done the next day. this list then travels with me on my big notepad through the day. as things get accomplished i cross them out, as things come up i add them on. on any given day there are between 8 and 15 things on that list. and on any given day i accomplish about two of them. usually i just change the date on the top of the list and continue on the next day. on friday i accomplished nothing on my list. too many people came into my office with issues that needed dealing with immediately and everything else got pushed to the side. as i sit here in my little home office there are 3 lists around me - a list of knitting projects on the wall, a list of furniture i will need to buy when Michelle takes hers back and a grocery list on the desk. i come by this honestly. i come from a family of list makers.
whether my lists make me more organized or whether they just make me panicked, i'm not sure. probably a bit of both. but each month end as the list gets whittled down to nothing there is a great sense of accomplishment there. this sense of accomplishment does not occur when attempting to fill the grocery list, but such is the beast of grocery shopping in newfoundland. you just have to accept that cilantro is basically a thing of the past (although there is always a space for's always empty) and that there will be days when there is no bread. or tomatoes. and that's just the way it is.
a new list for today:

1. make apple crisp
2. go for relaxing drive around top of peninsula with V and witness Newfoundland winter outside of the city
3. stress about homework

as you can see - i'm doing very well already, only one thing left to do!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Thursday, February 15, 2007

3 great things about newfoundland

1. you can buy beer at the gas station.
2. when you're inside, you're warm (ok, that applies to all places, but i've never really truly appreciated it until i moved here).
3. you can buy beer at the gas station.

'nough said.

Monday, February 12, 2007

random bits of goodness

on friday night when vernon and i went out - he wore his new cufflinks! i bought these for him for christmas, to help fuel his passion for links of the cuff:and here, in all it's glory, is my first sock heel. look at that! it's on my foot! now i just have to decide on what i want to do for the top part. the foot of the sock is just plain old stocking stitch. i think i might do a few more rows in stocking stitch and then start a 2x2 rib or something. i'm worried the ankle might bag if i only rib the very top. and me no likey the baggy ankle. :) the picture is kind of blurry, sorry. and the heel was turned absolutely horrendously and it will fall apart and get a big hole immediately, i can tell fairly well for a first timer.

oh and look - behind my sock you can see a shelf of yarn. *ahem* ok fine - two shelves of yarn. i can't help it! i live in newfoundland where it's cold and there is nothing to do but knit and study stats. seriously.

and this. totally made me laugh:

natalie dee

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

the art of mothering

to my mother,

"The art of mothering is to teach the art of living to children."
Elain Heffner

if that is what mothering is all about, then i think you have mastered the art beautifully. you have equipped all 3 of us with all the pieces that we need to live our lives to the fullest. honesty, compassion, kindness and love surround all of us as we wind our way through this world. and sometimes, being so very far away, just knowing you are there is all we need.

on this, your birthday, i wish you peace and rest. i had planned, quite seriously, to have your gift in your hand on your birthday. however, that does not seem to have happened.

your gift involves this:

becoming a pair of these:

as you can see they are a far cry from complete.... i have no pattern so i will be doing this one on the fly. my first attempt at this, so perhaps you'll find them in next year's christmas stocking. i am hopefully optimistic for spring (spring in newfoundland terms, not yours).

for all the kind words, gentle encouragements (and not so gentle), and love you have given me over the years, i thank you. we are truly lucky to have a mother as compassionate and caring as you.

enjoy your day mom - you deserve all the rest and relaxation in the world.

love jen.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

bad nuns!

An entire order of nuns has fled a convent on the Greek-Bulgarian border after running up huge debts.

The nuns' knitting business, serving 25 shops across Greece, has crashed.

and i'm not even making this up.....