Saturday, February 24, 2007

STORM updated

well. the reports of how much snow we received were grossly understated. in fact, the weather people came back and said that they were wrong (how often does THAT happen?). it was more like mid 40's centimetre wise. and some parts of the city got more like 60.

last night we had another foot. FUN! i seriously wondered where i was going to put it. the banks on either side of my driveway are about 7 feet high now and it's getting hard to throw the snow over that. luckily, vernon is taller than me, so he shovelled this morning for me.

there is precipitation coming down right now, and it's definitely snow....but it's heavier and distinctly smaller than normal (whatever normal is). i fear this is the dreaded snow/rain mix they were calling for.

on a side note, i don't think i ever showed you this toque. it's going to charity. not because i don't like it, but because i agreed to knit 5 things for charity and i sort of want to keep my part of the bargain. this is item #2.

and - so mom can see that actual progress is being made. here's a shot of the first booty in progress. i'm farther along now, but you get the idea of the pattern at least...

and now, i will leave you with this picture so that i can get back to school work. this is the stop sign on my street. note how if it snows again it will be gone. :)

ps: the house next door finally sold and i think the people may have now moved in....judging by the fact that there are 4 (FOUR!) kids running around the backyard (more trudging through waist deep snow than running really).... now they are jumping from the roof of the little shed into the giant snow pile that is their hard. that actually looks really fun!

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