Sunday, February 18, 2007

more lists...

lists have got to be, in my opinion, one of the greatest tools that we have at our disposal. i have lists for absolutely everything - a running list of groceries on the fridge, a list of potential christmas gift ideas for next year, a list of birthday ideas for everyone i know, a list of knitting projects (both in progress and future plans), a list of things to do each day.
at the end of every work day, i actually do clear my desk (as well as that can happen in the paper disaster that is my life) and make a coherent list of things that i need and want to get done the next day. this list then travels with me on my big notepad through the day. as things get accomplished i cross them out, as things come up i add them on. on any given day there are between 8 and 15 things on that list. and on any given day i accomplish about two of them. usually i just change the date on the top of the list and continue on the next day. on friday i accomplished nothing on my list. too many people came into my office with issues that needed dealing with immediately and everything else got pushed to the side. as i sit here in my little home office there are 3 lists around me - a list of knitting projects on the wall, a list of furniture i will need to buy when Michelle takes hers back and a grocery list on the desk. i come by this honestly. i come from a family of list makers.
whether my lists make me more organized or whether they just make me panicked, i'm not sure. probably a bit of both. but each month end as the list gets whittled down to nothing there is a great sense of accomplishment there. this sense of accomplishment does not occur when attempting to fill the grocery list, but such is the beast of grocery shopping in newfoundland. you just have to accept that cilantro is basically a thing of the past (although there is always a space for's always empty) and that there will be days when there is no bread. or tomatoes. and that's just the way it is.
a new list for today:

1. make apple crisp
2. go for relaxing drive around top of peninsula with V and witness Newfoundland winter outside of the city
3. stress about homework

as you can see - i'm doing very well already, only one thing left to do!

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Jukes said...

I'm very impressed. My list won't ever get done so I just don't make them. I usually have about one critical thing that is listed mostly so I won't forget it.

Could you grow your own cilantro in a pot in the window? You could buy seeds from ebay.