Monday, February 12, 2007

random bits of goodness

on friday night when vernon and i went out - he wore his new cufflinks! i bought these for him for christmas, to help fuel his passion for links of the cuff:and here, in all it's glory, is my first sock heel. look at that! it's on my foot! now i just have to decide on what i want to do for the top part. the foot of the sock is just plain old stocking stitch. i think i might do a few more rows in stocking stitch and then start a 2x2 rib or something. i'm worried the ankle might bag if i only rib the very top. and me no likey the baggy ankle. :) the picture is kind of blurry, sorry. and the heel was turned absolutely horrendously and it will fall apart and get a big hole immediately, i can tell fairly well for a first timer.

oh and look - behind my sock you can see a shelf of yarn. *ahem* ok fine - two shelves of yarn. i can't help it! i live in newfoundland where it's cold and there is nothing to do but knit and study stats. seriously.

and this. totally made me laugh:

natalie dee

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