Friday, April 27, 2007

a short list of unrelated things

1. yesterday it snowed. it didn't stick, and it only lasted about 30 minutes, but it was a complete white out. it was during dinner and i was staring out the window saying " is that?" it sort of started as hail and then turned into giant flakes. very odd.

2. tonight it the launch concert for the university orchestra (this is the one that vernon is taking to russia). they leave a week today. he is stressed, but as things fall into place he's getting excited which is great to see.

3. this weekend i need to buckle down and get and get cracking on my midterm assignment. it's due while i'm in i guess i should crank that out. after this week of having the flu and then a really bad cold i'm just not into it. hopefully by the morning that will change.

4. it was 20 degrees in paris today.

5. i am still dealing with the crushing blow caused by the knowledge that my favourite candies are dairy based. the joy-ride type thrill of realizing i can still get them here in the middle of the atlantic completely crashed by the ingredient list. things were so much easier Before Allergies.

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