Saturday, May 05, 2007

day one

no more vernon. now - what to do?

1. listen to TWO weeks of lectures (week 5 and 6, both of which are past and both of which passed without me listening...) DONE!
2. register myself and Karen for adult learn to row classes at the rowing club. the goal is to have biceps perceptible to the human eye by august this is basically done. i picked up the forms, the person who needed to take our money had "gone for a walk". seriously. gotta love this town.
3. run/stroll/drag butt around quidi vidi lake DONE!
4. get two questions completed on the midterm assignment (due the day i leave for paris)
5. mail off some packages and letters that are lying around
6. stare at navel and think about missing vernon some more DONE!
7. finish charity knitting (2.5 4 items down, 2.5 1 to go. these are hats, quick and easy)

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