Saturday, September 08, 2007

radio silence

you can expect some pretty severe radio silence from me now. i'm leaving for a week to go back to BC for my grandfather's funeral and to see some friends; it's year end at work and we are (still) short staffed; i'm not into broadcasting the events of my life of late, what with all the upheavals.

plans to blog in the future are there...but i can't tell you when the future will be.

i expect the next few months to involve a lot of nights ending in empty pitchers...

nothing spells trouble like beer through a straw.




Elga said...

you're sexy and hot in this photo. i have a girl crush on you.

Jenn F said...

I am echoing Elga's message. I always thought you were a babe. Sorry about Grandpa.

Paula said...

Ah I love how all the photos of you from my wedding involve large glasses and/or small pitchers of beer and you looking kinda hosed. Excellent! Can't wait to see you.