Sunday, September 24, 2006

alone in the new found land

vernon has gone to halifax for 4 days to play with the symphony now i am alone on the rock. it feels ok. i have no friends, have i mentioned that? well actually, i have friends...they just live 5000km and a 4 1/2 hour time difference away. i am between them and paris right now. it's lonely here, but somehow i'm busy.

school has started again and i'm taking another financial accounting course *yawn*... oh wait - considering this is my career choice maybe i shouldn't be yawning! ah well. plus i'm knitting a scarf. yes that's right a scarf. i have plans for a toque - a new one for dad too considering the first one i knit him is rectangular and really ugly. very warm though i think......oh well - i tried! first time can't always work out the way you want. but i've mastered knitting in the round and so i'm sure it will be much better the second time around. i need some handwarmers as well. it is so cold here. as todd said yesterday when i was talking to definition of "really f'n cold" is about to change dramatically. he is definitely correct on that one. it is winter time cold here least, vancouver winter time cold. i'm trying to not look like a loser and wear a toque and gloves when everyone else is running around in shorts but honestly it's like 11 degrees and windy. oh but wait....that, apparently, is not a's a light breeze. i'm surprised i heard that over the sound of the "light breeze" howling through my ears.

here are some pics from our latest adventure on the rock. we had about 2 hours to actually hang out and do something fun (academics are VERY busy, much busier than i imagined....and he has a lot of administrative stuff to do as well which just adds to it.) anyhoo - we had about two hours so we decided to just go for a walk around here. it's great because you can really drive for about 6 minutes, walk for about 5 and you are somewhere completely magical. we drove down to quidi vidi lake (which is a 15 minute jog from my house) and parked the car there. then we walked from there up to the foot of the trail up to the cuckold's cove lookout. then we realised we had less time than we thought so that was basically it. anyhoo - here are a couple of pics from that day.....

quidi vidi lake...there is a really nice walking/jogging trail around the lake. i could *almost* feel like i was on the seawall when on the other side where it's all sea-wall-y with nice lush plants and things. the side in this picture is all ghetto and nasty.

me, looking out.

towards cape spear.....that farthest point of land that you can see there is the cape...

pretty, pretty...

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