Wednesday, November 29, 2006

all in all the job is going well!

5 reasons why i know i'm screwed.....

1) my boss seems to giggle a lot for no reason....i think he realises that we are f'd.
2) my canker sore is rearing it's ugly head and for some reason i can't find canka anywhere in this city - what is WITH these people????? don't they get canker sores here?? the other crap i have does nothing, NOTHING for the pain. and it's not helping it heal either.
3) i was at work for 13 hours today and feel as thought nothing got done.
4) i accidentally microwaved my dinner for 7 minutes (instead of like, one) because i completely forgot that the gnawing feeling in my stomach indicated hunger and that i was trying to remedy that with food. oh - and i turned the microwave on for 50 minutes instead of seconds.
5) i'm not panicking.

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