Thursday, December 28, 2006

has it really been almost a month?

has it really been almost a month since i've typed anything on here?? whoops!

well - the snow came, went, and came again. and christmas came and went. my lead up to christmas was full of surprises. lots of late nights at the office (job = good, but busy holy cow!), crazed trips to the dreaded mall to find that perfect something that no mall actually ever has, an occasional melt down and good cry over the shopping disasters, a surprise phone call from my fantastic friend Elga and finally, a 12 hour plane trip back home.

we had SO much fun. or rather, I had SO much fun! i just assume that everyone else did too. everyone was there - my two sisters plus husbands plus one with baby, my parents (handy that they were there since we were staying at their house), and then me and Vernon. i do have a ton of photos however they are all on my camera which is in Vernon's carry on which is in Vernon's house where Vernon is patiently waiting for the nice man to bring him the suitcase that didn't come out on the conveyor belt last night.

oh wait - no here's my camera. he must have left left it here because he knew i'd want it. yay! some exciting things that happened over christmas....

olivia learned to sit up by herself....look at how fast she moves! she's like the baby from the incredibles.....or maybe i need to learn how to use my camera?

we went for walks.....

we saw llamas!......

we basked in the beauty of nature (some of us basked in it by going out in it, some of us just looked at it while staying warm inside).....

and i shovelled snow - in training for what awaits me in the coming months back home....

vernon and i went snowboarding while michelle and nathan went cross country skiing - it was really fun! both the downhill group and the xcountry group had a great day. no pics though - i forgot my camera.

i taught paula how to knit.....look at her knitting!!

and started my first pair of socks!.....they might end up a bit baggy, but holy cow it's a toe! i made a toe!

olivia totally stole the show on christmas morning in her cute little outfit. she really is the cutest baby ever and so well behaved. it definitely shows that she is a well cared for little muffin as she is very content and happy (except during the limb-severing screaming episodes....but really, when you're overtired you feel like screaming too, right??)

so to all of you out there wherever you ended up this holiday season, whether you celebrate anything or not..... happy happy festive season to you! i miss everyone back home terribly - can't wait to see you all again.

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