Thursday, January 18, 2007


with the wind chill it was -29 today. seriously. are you kidding me?

on my way to work i had my coffee in the car with me. as i wrestled my purse and lunch bag (read: giant bag of food) out of the car, i forgot to grab my coffee. when i realised this i was already in the building and had my snow boots off and my coat i said screw it and drank crap office coffee in the morning. because it was too cold to go back out and get the coffee. how cold does it have to be for me to ditch my good homemade auntie crae fresh ground dark roast in the car for crappy work coffee? apparently -29 is my breaking point. when i left work tonight i saw my mug and thought 'oh i'll just dump that out'. no such luck. it was a frozen coffee bar. tee hee!

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