Sunday, January 07, 2007

the sock...part 2

well. the first sock was....shall we say.....baggy? i think baggy is a good word. it's not as harsh as "so totally wrong and messed up that maybe they would have fit big foot but even that might be a stretch" although that one may be more accurate. i was looking at it thinking "so it's a little baggy" and then i was wondering how i was ever going to recreate the exact same bagginess in sock number two. and i realised i would have one baggy sock and one normal one. so. i took it off the needles, took a second look at my tension (or technically this could be considered the first look at my tension since this was different, better, tension), and then i pulled the whole thing out. it was sad. so then i started again, from scratch, and wow - it's so much better. i am actually further along now than i was before and i'm still not past the part in the yarn where it hasn't been used yet. check it out. it's about 3 inches long now (from the toe) and it totally fits! yay!

now, on to the weather. it's windy here. really really windy. and now it's started to rain. so now it's almost "stormy". although not quite. i still think that this classifies as regular weather here. the big gusts are just starting to bend the trees outside my window to the point where i think "gee i hope that doesn't snap off and come through the window" and when it gusts like that the house creaks (which makes me think, gee i hope the house doesn't snap in half).

some people just walked by on the path behind my place and they were, literally, bent over at the waist almost perpendicular in order to walk into the wind. it was sort of funny. but sort of not.

ok back to work. and studying. and knitting. in that order.

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