Friday, March 09, 2007


just a quick yoohoo to alert everyone to the fact that i haven't perished or become trapped under a pile of statistical data. i'm in vernon's office typing on his crappy keyboard (why is the keyboard crap when the computer is super fancy?). we were supposed to grab a quick bite between our work days and my super-crappy study evening and his have-fun-going-to-super-fun-recital-happy-fun-fun-joy evening. but his auditions are running overtime so it looks like we will have exactly enough time to say "hey, how are you? uh-huh. good. ok then, bye!" quick peck on the cheek and that's it until tomorrow. *sigh*. when do i get to have the super-fun-happy-fun-fun-joy evenings again?


if you want to watch a really cute animated short about knitting - go here. this is the kind of animation i like the most...and of course, i can relate....

ok. i'm done. i have no photos these days.... big *SIGH*

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