Thursday, May 10, 2007

day...five? six?

i can't remember what day it is. that's really too bad for me. last night i was at the office until 11pm. fun! now i'm just waiting for my boss to call me to go back in tonight. i have basically two more things to do until i can say the financials are done for the month. unfortunately i actually need some info from him before i can complete them. and he can't get back in until later. so we'll be there until all hours again. and because we were there last night late i didn't get any studying done then, and now i'm really tired and can't focus (which will probably come back to bite me later when i'm at the office too, hey?). i'm super grumpy.

on a side note - only 6 big sleeps until paris (i'm counting tonight as a big sleep even though it will probably be tiny). it's actually 6 big sleeps until i leave and 6 big sleeps, one tiny-broken-crappy-airplane sleep until paris. SWEET.

today was another beautiful sun shiny day. and sort of warm. or warm-ish. basically if you are as desperate as i am for summer right now, you could hallucinate warm. which is potentially what i did. i'm also sort of thinking that the nice weather might be a city wide mind melt. we are all just so desperate to not be in winter anymore that we've conjured a group sun sighting. somebody should really study that.

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