Thursday, July 19, 2007

one long day

well, today was a looong day at the office but it went well... at the end... finally. with M gone for vacation and me all alone in charge of the big bad financial part it's a bit scary, but i think i'll manage fine. besides, he's taken a cell phone and i'm not afraid to use it.

as it stands now, it's 11:30, i've just gotten home and now i'm going to crawl into my nest and hibernate for a while.

M and N's move continues to go well (i think!) bar a few complications with the washer / dryer that they have given me. they are trying to get it all hooked up in spite of a wonky washer hose and i have high hopes they'll succeed. and if they don't then i'll call a handyman and for a bit of cash i'm sure it will all work out. as the apartment empties it's interesting to see the space differently and i will be able to better tell where the BIG holes are. like: gee a really need somewhere to put my glasses when i sleep, better buy a bedside table. or: gee that big wall is really empty now better buy...something...


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