Saturday, August 18, 2007


the last two weeks have been really busy. with the tuckamore festival going on it's been seemingly non-stop chamber music. there is only one concert left on sunday and then we are done. i managed to somehow volunteer myself to work the merchandise table at almost all the concerts so i haven't been able to skip out at all.
V's dad was here the first week which was great. their concert was fantastic, as always, and it was fun to see him again. the shanghai quartet has been here for the past several days and their two concerts were also incredible. V is really good friends with the cellist, Nick, and I met him last august in new york so it was fun to see him again. i forgot my camera when we took him out to cape spear otherwise i'd have funny photos of him and big V. oh well.
i've gone on a couple of short hikes in the last week or so as well. Karen and i went on one that wasn't very good just north of ferryland. the views were incredible, but the hike itself was crap. then V and his dad and I hiked down to North Head from Cape Spear. we saw whales off of cape spear - or rather, one whale. it was neat. i think V's dad got some good photos of it. sometime this fall i want to hike to Maddox Cove. it wasn't in the cards for us this time though. i also want to do the hike from Cape Spear back into the city. apparently there is some really cool stuff to see.

cool caves on the crap hike

the trail to maddox cove

me at north head

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