Thursday, June 29, 2006

going to t.o.

we're leaving right now for toronto but here's a funny story i wrote in my journal.........

we went into rutland today and got fingerprinted. the guy at the cop shop could NOT get over the fact that i’m Canadian. from ca-NAY-da. i was his first set of Canadian fingerprints……apparently that was weird for him. ya….ok……he also thought it was weird that i spoke English and yet didn’t look foreign. and that we had the internet in Canada. he was also quite surprised when i told him the Canadian border was less than 4 hours away. and that in about 4 and a half he could be in montreal – a LARGE CANADIAN URBAN CENTRE. then again – if he knew i spelled centre like that his head would have probably popped off. he asked me if accountants were different in Canada and if it was cold. ok – this guy is from Vermont. not Louisiana (no offense to louisianan’s…but at least you guys are FAR away from our border). when mimi went in after me i was convinced he would be confused by the half Chinese American girl who lives in paris and yet has a US passport. apparently though he was still reeling over the Canadian thing and kept telling her how it had been really confusing for him and difficult because of my being Canadian. um….right. then when divia went in he asked what her ethnicity was (i guess he could guess white for me and asian for mimi?) so she said she was half white and half Indian. he asked her what he should put so she said white. he asked her several times and she kept saying white was fine. then……it just gets scarier and more funny……he asked her if she was EXACTLY half. she said “ya…i have two parents” to which he replied “oh ya, two parents……”. holy crap. i’m not sure i feel safe here if that is what is manning the police situation. although for anyone who has ever seen that movie super troopers we all have an idea of what really goes on in the Vermont state trooper/city police offices. maybe he was stoned.

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