Saturday, June 24, 2006

j crew - YA!

hello here i am in front of the j. crew outlet in manchester vt.......what you can't see is that in my right hand i am holding a GINORMOUS bag full of clothes. which cost me about $2. tee hee!! as you can see the humidity has turned my hair into a mass of frizz. and that day it was actually looking quite straight.
this is a really beautiful area of the country. when i get a chance to actually get out and take some photos you can all see where i am. the hills are so rolling and calm....and the mix of deciduous and coniferous creates a great mix of greens. i'd like to be here in the fall to see all the colours come out. i guess there is a reason why all the rich people in new york have summer homes in vermont (after they get tired of the hamptons of course).
so far the camp is going really well. i really like all the people that i'm working with and the job is dead easy. typing and filing and taking money and answering the phone. ya, i think i can handle that! the kids are really great too. they all arrived yesterday, all 95 of them ranging in ages from 14 to 18. there will be the ones that act like jack asses i'm sure, but for now they are good. :)
last night the faculty put on a mini introductory concert and all the groups played (woodwind quintet, string octet, horn trio, etc). there are some really talented people here - vernon was of course the best. haha. there are a lot of conversations where i don't know the joke though...... although apparently they are funny..... in fact just about 2 minutes ago vernon said something and the people sitting with us were laughing and i sat there looking very very blank. *sigh* at least they know i'm not a musician and it's not that i'm stupid.
the weather is wet but nice. it rained this morning and now is sunny and hot and HUMID. (hence the frizz hair). i can't wait to find out where the swimming hole is.
paula - you will be happy to know that we have a cat in our cabin. one of the guys staying with us brought his cat jo-jo (one of several cats and several dogs who share the campus for the summer). vernon has attempted to bond with him....although i'm not sure jo-jo cares.
anyhoo - i'll talk to you soon,

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