Tuesday, June 20, 2006


vermont is awesome! imagine the most stereotypical picturesque little town and house and that is totally what it is like. i met the postmaster today. we're on a first name basis now. seriously.
i'll upload some photos when i get a chance. there is a free hot spot in the town here so i'll try to keep in touch with people at least once a week. :) i experienced my first real vermont thunderstorm last night - and it was so warm out. it was really cool. lots of lightening when we arrived and the rain was just dumping. it's probably going to rain again tonight judging by the giant black cloud above us. i won't care - i'll be happily inside enjoying all the new company. anyhoo - i have to run to meeting (just like work - what the??).

can't wait to see how the summer unfolds...oh and to work on my tan.


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