Saturday, July 08, 2006

the cold virus strikes again

well, i don't know if it's a cold that we all have, but it's something nasty. it's going through the camp at a fast rate and i am one of the latest victims. starts with a wickedly sore throat and then moves into your chest. right now i'm between sore throat and bad cough....just blowing my nose a lot and hacking pathetically. vernon has avoided it so far which is good. he has more to do than i do. although his chances of surviving unscathed are slim.

i'm still really liking being at band camp. there was a student concert yesterday which was 2 hours long and boring but it was kind of nice to hear them play (some of them are good and some of them are having fun and this is important too....). tonight is a faculty concert which will be better. hopefully i won't pass out during it and miss vernon's part. hahahahaa. i laugh but i'm actually serious. the piece he is playing in is 40 minutes long. how am i supposed to pay attention for that long?

ok here is a photo of vernon playing student/staff baseball. i haven't taken many pics during the past week. i'll try to take some shots of the campus this week so you guys can all see where i'm living and working.

i miss you!

ps - elga: two nights ago it was super clear and i was getting sick and i actually wore my sweat-ah. (and my fleece!)

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