Monday, July 10, 2006

every morning that we can, vernon and i pile into the car and drive into town (town being Weston, VT). we go to a little coffee shop/photo gallery where they have free wireless and drink good coffee and surf the web. he looks so happy with a good coffee in his hand, doesn't he? the photos in this gallery are really beautiful, mainly vermont landscapes. they have smaller art card versions that i think i will take home with me. anyhoo.

we aren't the only ones who come into town to check email and get contact with the outside world (the world outside the kinhaven bubble). we generally end up with a crew of faculty in the shop. i'm sure the owners love us!

the town of weston is very picturesque - i'm planning on strolling around and taking some photos of the little church's and shops. they have a big green in the centre of town with a beautiful gazebo. it is so stereotypical. you know that show "gilmore girls"? i know that you all watch it even if you say you don't. anyway, this town reminds of the place where they live. there are these waterfalls everywhere too.

this is a couple of towns over in Chester. we went over just to see it and wander around. it was pretty touristy and not as nice as Weston. although Weston is pretty touristy too i think - i figure you must be touristy if you have a year round christmas shop. it's the nicest of these little towns though.

here are some photos of the campus that i took. these are our cabins - there are three faculty cabins which are "new" although still somewhat shitty. ours is the one on the furthest left in the photo. there are three bedrooms - 1 double and 2 singles. we share with peter (one of the violin teachers), volkan (the bass teacher) and jo-jo (peter's cat).

this is part of the campus - the concert hall is on the left and the dining hall is on the right. you can see one of the cooks out there getting the bbq's going.

and this is a shot of the main house from the road. that's the building that i work in - but i will send better pictures later. that tree is beautiful, but it obscures how giant the house really is. anyhoo - it gives you a little bit of an idea of where i work (because i know that mom was curious!).

anyway, other than my cold (i'm taking sudafed daily) i'm doing well. it's hot here and sunny and humid. i love it!

i need people to email me. paula - send me pictures of your garden or the cats or something. randy - send me pictures of wherever you are now.



Randy Dandy said...

hey you, so no more personal emails ever? god, i feel so unimportant? just to remind you, it's my birthday soon, so i expect some form of personalized greeting. and i'm writing a bit of a blog, albeit with a lot less frequency. I'm still figuring out this bloggin business. but you can always check on me at cool beans! anyways, place looks cool. exactly what i imagined of vermont. now i don't need to go.

j said...

oh randy! i've been emailing the people who email me....and my mailbox is SORELY LACKING from the randster!!! fine. i'll send you an email. oh - and about your birthday.....ya.....'member that ben harper concert you went to...for free?? :)