Thursday, July 20, 2006

still hot and now i have a cough

i'm whining today. i have a hacking cough that won't go away. well, it gets quite a bit better with robitussin. but it still sucks. i slept for 2 hours before lunch today. that's how crappy it is. anyhoo. i'll stop whining for a minute and post a shwack of photos.

so last weekend was a celebration for our bosses, nancy and jerry bidlack - the couple who runs the school. a tree was planted in their honour with a stone at the base. the words on the stone are lyrics from one of the madrigals that every here sings. it was nice; they were surprised.

here are two more pics of the campus (really this is because i'm sure mom and dad would like to see more pics). the first one is the barn which has dorms for the youngest boys, the library, practice rooms, and a bunch of other things. the second is the main house. a few of the staff live here, my office is upstairs, the staff kitchen is here and so is the kids main common room. i feel like i work at hogwart's. seriously.

two days ago we went golfing. or rather vernon, tony and tony's friend mike went golfing. i went for a 5 hour ride in a golf cart. it was really nice to be off campus in the QUIET and just enjoy the sun and conversation. the course (Okemo) is really beautiful and there is a big ski hill there. oh wait - there are big ski hills EVERYWHERE here. i want to come back in the winter one year and go boarding. just look at all the runs behind vernon!

here i am in the cart

there was a lagoon in the middle....

with canada geese! (our fellow canadians!)

and yes this is a view from the t-box on the second last hole to the green - there is no fairway, it's just from the box to the green, over the lagoon.

this was a really boring post. i don't care because i need to find a cough drop.

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