Monday, July 17, 2006


it is hot here. really really hot. already. it's 9am and it feels like 30 degrees. apparently it's only 24 but it's going to get to 34. and with the humidity you can add a bunch on to that. yikes.
(ok i tried to make that a link, but the stupid blogger thing wouldn't work. it kept showing up blank. anyhoo.)

yesterday during the 3 hour student concert (yes that's right, 3 hours....actually it was more like 2 hours and 45 minutes) i couldn't stand to be in the concert hall (with no air conditioning and sweating bodies) so i lay on a blanket on the grass in the shade sipping cool water and reading my book. i was not the only one out there.

there is nothing new happening here today. the kids had movie night last night so they got to stay up late, which means that they got to sleep in this morning and no one has anything until 10:30. which is nice, but we still got up early so we could come to the coffee shop and get some good coffee. :)


elga said...

oh jennie, I miss you. I went to the spa the other day and got two fingers worth.

j said...

oh elga. you make me laugh. tee hee. only you could understand that!