Saturday, July 15, 2006

more pictures

this is a shot of the area right around weston. nice and rolling. lots of little farms. a lot of cheese is made here. and maple syrup (yum!).

this is taken from the top of the sitting hill, which is where people go to just sit. it's out back of the main house and the barn, on the way to the dining hall and concert hall.

here's a map of the campus so you have some idea what i'm blathering on about....
we live in the area called "staff parking" under the arrow pointing to the dushkin memorial. there are actually 3 cabins there. we are thinking up a name for ours right now but keep getting stuck on "poop town 3" due to our plumbing misfortune of earlier this summer....

we have to wear all white to the student concerts. so do the kids. it's some sort of new england tradition. anyhoo. here are vernon and i in our whites hanging out in the staff kitchen (one of the only places on campus where the kids are not allowed). it was about 90 degrees and humid yesterday. fun times. my skirt was totally stuck to me. at least everyone is in the same boat. or rather, we wish we were in the same boat out on a lake somewhere..... :)

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