Friday, July 14, 2006

a turtle and a graveyard

yesterday we decided to go to echo lake. echo lake is a lake with a park. it's nice, but not as nice as we thought it would be. anyway, who cares about that part - that was just the reason we were in the car. so we're driving down the highway just past ludlow (i'm talking like you know where the heck i am) and we see some debris on the side of the road. quite sizable, but whatever. the big suburban in front of us moved aside slightly so as not to hit it. and that's when i saw it move. the debris that is. and holy crap if it wasn't debris but a turtle. a really big turtle. now, i was thinking that the frog we saw the other night that was as big as my hand (or bigger actually) was big. but this thing was huge. i didn't know they had turtle's that big actually. i mean, here that is. so here are some pics to entertain. maybe someone knows something about them?? and for everyone who doesn't know, if you just click on the pictures below they will open up bigger so you can see them better.

so if that wasn't cool enough when we were at the lake, once the flies drove me too insane to read anymore, we went for a walk and found this really neat little graveyard. there are little graveyards all over the place, just plots on the side of the road about 4 stones deep sometimes. anyway - the oldest gravestone we found was from 1817. they were actually mostly from the 1800's - some from the later half of the century but a lot from earlier on. there was one for a 24 year old, Charles Colby (why do i remember the name?) who "drowned in the lake" on june 12 1896. that's 110 years ago the day before we were there. isn't that weird? it was sort of eerie. anyway, it's on a hill overlooking the lake (the lake is obscured now by trees) but it's really really beautiful.

and here we are hiking through the woods....

and because randy made such a BIG deal about his you go, for all the world to see (because i know all the world is reading my blog dammit).

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