Tuesday, August 08, 2006

atlantic canada is windy

the monkey, the elephant and i headed out from moncton this morning. the weather was sort of stormy - it was thundering and raining lightly. anyhoo.

oh look i'm in nova scotia....

and it's so foggy i can't see a damn thing....

actually the weather was only really foggy for about 50 km or so. not so bad. i passed a sub shop called McPuffin's which really just made me think of a bad McDonald's menu item. although everywhere i saw signs for McDonald's it was advertising the McLobster.......which just sounds gross. anyhoo.
oh and now i'm in cape breton....

i stopped in baddeck, nova scotia and took some nice scenic shots. it's a really quaint little place. i bought some yarn at Baa-deck yarns and some new knitting needles. oh ya. then i had lunch at the yellow cello cafe. tee hee. it was cute. the service was very slow. yellow mellow is more like it.

now i'm in north sydney at my hotel. here's the view.

tomorrow i take the boat. i'm not really looking forward to it. i mean - it's 14 hours on a boat. how fun can that be??

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