Monday, August 07, 2006

portland head light. yay! it's really old. 1791. crazy.

here it is - the lighthouse of jigsaw puzzle fame...

and here i am with it!

close up...

longfellow - cool! sail on sail on - ya!

someone crashed their boat. oddly - this happened after the lighthouse was built....too much sauce on christmas eve maybe??

more close ups.....

random maine coast...

and then i got a coffee - at tim horton's - i must be getting close to canada!

portland is a really pretty city. this is the only picture i have - i took it out of my car window while stopped at a street light. too bad i didn't have more time.

and now i'm in moncton new brunswick. tomorrow i'm heading for cape breton. yikes! i am so tired. it is really boring driving alone. like, really really boring. only one day left though and then i can drug myself with gravol and pass out on a boat.

ok - another boring blog entry. deal with it. :\

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