Monday, August 07, 2006

the final day.

so that was it. band camp is officially over. everyone there jokes about it being band camp - so don't think that joke was lost on the musicians. :)
anyhoo - here are a few final photos.....

vernon's cello students made him a hat for staff appreciation day. the block lettering says "yeah celli" which is what they always say and yes that is a jesus head on top (not sure why that's there...) and the lightbulb up top says 'vernon' in glitter. fancy eh?

me and vernon outside the concert hall at the last concert.

the kids sing bach's cantata 150 complete with organ and strings. jerry conducted. it was fun - most of them are bawling before and after this. jerry also asks the audience to use their imagination and give the applause before hand so that we all leave the concert with the sound of music in our ears. it's pretty neat. anyhoo. you can see vernon in this photo. the accompianment is a mixture of staff and students.

too bad this is so blurry (taking photos without looking while driving - yeah! but the symbol for the mass pike is a pilgrim hat complete with buckle! yeah!

i'm in maine now (portland maine to be exact)...

but i was also in.....

i was in connecticut too but don't have a photo. do i need a photo? no. i wasn't there long and there was nothing interesting there.
now here are some random facts. in newhampshire if you're under 18 you have to wear a seatbelt by law, but over 18 you don't. why bother? is the cop going to pull you over and check your i.d.? in maine fireworks are illegal. what about the fourth of july? do they just not do it? does everyone throw sparklers in the air? i'm curious.
tomorrow i'm driving to canada. probably fredricton or moncton. in the morning before i leave i'm going to go to the portland head light which is a really famous lighthouse. it's only about 15 minutes from my hotel so i figure why not.


Anonymous said...

Connecticut is the best state in New England. Not only you need a picture of it, you need to explore it prior to jumping into the conclusion that "there is not much in there".

Cheerio, old chap!

j said...

Hmmmm....I'm not sure that "anonymous" understood that i blew through a small portion of connecticut on the freeway.....leading to my seeing "nothing interesting". i'm sure there are interesting things all over the world that aren't visible from the freeway. my loss, yes. however - i was booking it for home!