Monday, August 07, 2006

usps, old school....and pink eye

here is the united states post office in weston vermont - zip code 05161 (not that you would know that considering no one sent me mail, not even once. ok fine, mom mailed me a package with mail and magazine in it - but the rest of you - NOT EVEN ONCE!)

check out these post office boxes circa the civil war. they are combination - but with letters! i thought this was the coolest thing. very old school new england.

on an entirely different note, vernon has pink eye. and apparently if you soak you eye in black tea (cooled of course) it is a great homeopathic remedy. might take a day or two longer, but clears it right up. so far it is working for him, but i just had to take this photo because it's creepy to look at. he wouldn't let me get any closer. he must be onto me and my web posting habits....

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