Sunday, November 26, 2006

it snowed!

ok so it was really just a skiff - it was gone quickly (like in a day) and i think the sand truck driving by was just a coincidence. or maybe he was practicing..... anyway - it was cool to wake up to a bit of white outside. not so cool to wake up to a FREEZING house - but once i cranked the heat i was happy again. basically i just turn on the electric fireplace and stand in front of it. i need to get a podium so i can do homework over there.

thanks for all the well wishes from everyone on the job....i'm really really stressed (and i have the canker sore to prove it!) but i think it will be better a)once i start and b)once this exam is over with as well. having the two things land all at once is stressful.

last night i went to my first christmas concert of the season. a local women's choir, Lady Cove, was doing a concert in conjunction with the Cellipeppers - a local cello choir. It was really great, lots of fun and beautiful. hopefully i'll be singing with them starting in the new year. they are full to capacity but the director might be willing to squash me in. it would be really fun!

alright - back to studying....


1 comment:

Paula said...

You call that snow! Ha! Come to Vancouver to see what real snow looks like sistah!
I know...wait until january