Saturday, November 18, 2006


well, i'm exhausted. i am busy trying to study and cram for this exam in a couple of weeks and the energy level is just not there. i stayed up waaaay too late last night (it was fun, but i'm old and tired now). ah well. can't wait to hit the sack tonight.

michelle and olivia left today - that was kind of sad. it was really great to have them here. olivia is super cute and obviously totally loves me. :) she's smart - she knows i'm a cool auntie. such a sweet baby and so much fun to play with. it was great to see michelle too and to actually have someone else in this town that i know and can wail at. i hope for my sake that they come back here, but i hope that for their sake they end up somewhere really cool (not that this couldn't be really cool, but you know)...

v and i went and looked at a house today. it was crooked. like, make you dizzy kind of crooked. really really irritating. oh well - there are more houses to see.

on another note - for anyone who hasn't heard: i got a great job! in newfoundland! i know - it's an oxymoron. :\ i'm the assistant controller for a company that makes, among other things, black boxes for ships. cool eh? ya, that's right. assistant controller. it makes me feel older than i feel i think. oh well. whatever.

alright. must sleep. and study. oh right - study first, sleep later.



elga said...

congrats on your new job jen. i miss your sweat-ah. hugs.

Anonymous said...

good job on the job. What happened to full contact knitting? I guess this will keep you busy until your dream comes true.