Friday, November 03, 2006


3 things that are unrelated:

1. i’ve been putting a lot of thought into this and….would anyone be offended if i decided not to become an accountant? because, you know, i've given it a lot of thought and i think that "professional full-contact knitter" has a nicer ring to it. would anyone REALLY care if i spent all my time knitting socks and scarves and hats and *gasp* sweaters? i didn't think so. because you all know that just as soon as i started i wouldn't be able to stop meaning too many knitted things for me and leaving me with no choice but to give it all away. i don't think anyone would mind that much. you'd all be warm. and it is sooo much more interesting than learning about leases. or pensions. or whatever it is that i'm learning about. now is probably the time when you all are getting up in arms starting to mumble things like "taxes, what about taxes, who's gonna do my taxes" and i have this to say - read the instructions and do it yourself. you know they have an 800 number that you just call and they answer questions on how to do your taxes. or how about h&r block. they train people to do it for you for like, cheap. 50 bucks or 30 bucks or something. and i think they have a half price day or free day or something. so there you go. or if you don't get money back you don't have to pay (i might have made that up but it sounds like a good idea). so there you go. decision made. bye bye accouting, hello knitmaster!


2. the weather here is, in a word, spectacular. i would like someone to remind me that i said that in about 5 months time when i'm alternating between tearing my hair out at all the snow and crying softly to myself in the bathtub as i wonder if i will every be warm when not fully immersed in a tub full of steaming water.
yesterday it was 11 degrees. that's double digits thank you - no mittens or hats needed today (granted, no one but me is wearing mittens and hats, but whatever). i actually felt quite nice when i was outside bundled up in my fleece. the sky was a fantastic shade of blue - a soft baby blue. and the moon, at 4:30 in the afternoon, was low and bright in the sky. (ok, that part was temporarily depressing).
today it is 15 degrees. it’s warm out. i’m wearing a tshirt and a windbreaker. now, granted it’s PISSING with rain that is coming sideways at you…..but the wind is warm so who cares?

3 . what i will continue to find less and less amusing as the winter progresses is that when you go to the weather network website and type in ‘st john’s’ it makes you choose between st john’s canada and st john’s in antigua and barbuda (where, by the way, it is 29 degrees but feels like 41). ya. 41 degrees. that spells siesta to me.
4. and on that note, it’s time for the ritualistic after friday trip to the duke.

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