Tuesday, May 15, 2007

i had a bunch of things to say...

i totally had a bunch of things to say and now i forget them all. huh. that's irritating.

today was a deceptive day. the sun was brilliant, the sky a deep crystal blue, and the air? frigid. i think it was maybe 6 degrees. yoiks. you can almost imagine it's warm outside until you realise that there are no leaves on the trees. what the hey, mang? it's still very very early spring. *sigh*

only a few hours left until paris. i'm under 24 now. i'm excited. but tired. i went to bed around 2 last night and was back up at 7 (well, i was awake at 7 and then i proceeded to pretend i was sleeping while listening to the cbc morning show for an hour. whoops.) i need to get packing. there are clothes strewn everywhere, shoes in every corner, half knit socks - it's crazy i tell you. crazy. i'm trying to go totally carry on - why, you ask? just because i can. i don't need much....so we'll see. also, when we get to paris vernon and i will switch suitcases and he will take the little one back and i'll take his giant one. he got dinged flying within europe with such a big bag - but the international restrictions are of course a lot looser, so i should be ok with it. so nobody worry - you're presents will all make it home with me.

i had my performance evaluation at work today. needless to say i'm doing juuuuust fine thank you very much. yup. i'm still totally awesome. too bad my boss can't mark my exams for me (although he's a very honest man and he'd fail me, too).

*update...several hours later...*

i'm almost finished packing. pretty much everything is actually in the suitcase i think. now i'm just tired. *yawn* i'm listening to As It Happens on CBC and Barbarb Budd just said, in reference to the funky song they were playing, "get down with your funky self" in that dry dead pan way that only she can. i'm so tired, that it really made me laugh.

alright - off to bed with me...

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