Saturday, May 12, 2007

study break

this afternoon, for my first study break of the day, i went over to vernon's and picked up his car. he had asked me to drive it once while he was away to get the juices flowing. so off i went to see if it would sure did! like a charm. so me and the red jellybean drove out to cape spear. that car handles like a dream. a dream that is cranky and about 4 inches off the ground, but still. i love cape spear - windy and windswept with great sweeping vista of coastline. it's a great place to tromp around and waste an hour.

because of the camera incident with stuart mclean (and lack thereof) - i, of course, had my camera in my purse. so here you go. my study break in pictures.

you can see in this photo (click to make bigger) some wispy bits of fog lying over the ocean.
that is part of a larger fog bank that was rolling in while i was there.

this random stranger is standing at the eastern most point.
it was windy and cold. as per usual.

here's the point looking back towards the city and cabot tower.

the fog bank rolling ominously in.....

judging by the speed at which the fog bank was bearing down on us, i high tailed it out of the fog horn zone lickity split.

the old WWII battery (part of it. the part with the big gun.)

creepy tunnel part of the old WWII battery...i did not go into the creepy tunnels today.

my favourite coastline vista.

one more time, for the cheap seats in the back!

"fog eats coastline! locals not surprised."


Kirsten said...

Hi Jen, thanks for your comment. Your pictures look fabulous, just like here, down to the WWII bunker.

Kirsten said...

Oh, I should clarify - I'm Stella from Stella Knits 2. :)