Tuesday, June 26, 2007


i couldn't let the chance of post number 101 going by without throwing a little depeche mode 101 on the headphones to accompany me as i type this. this brings back some great highshool (and college, and university, and post-uni) memories. i used to be a HUGE depeche mode fan. i guess i still am, because this album is fantastic and i'm loving hearing it again. (for those who care, i.e. paula, it's currently "nothing" off disc two, just about to head into "pleasure, little treasure"). i remember when we were in high school my sister paula worked at the arby's (at the mall!) and her name tag said "Paula C. of Truth". the "of truth" was underneath, or potentially on the back. if you're geeky enough to get that joke then hats off to you!

tonight i was going to have some great photos of middle cove, where michelle and olivia and i were going to go and watch the capelin roll in. the fishery opens tomorrow so we figure they must be around. there are so many that people can just go down and scoop them up in nets or whatever they have. i'm sure you actually need a license to fish them. we just wanted to go and look at the fishies. it's something i'd love to see. unfortunately, olivia had a late nap and that coincided with when we were going to go so we ended up staying put. but that's ok! we had a fantastic dinner together. we attempted to bbq with the little charcoal one but it was sufficiently windy enough to cause both of us to feel burning down the townhouse was a distinct possibility. we used the broiler instead. the scallop/veggie skewers didn't seem to mind. mmmm.

this past weekend i went to the easter seals 24 hour relay here in st john's. actually, it was in paradise which is very close. and not at all like paradise. that was obviously a marketing ploy to get people to go there. no offense to the place but we spent the day (i was only there for 14 hours, from 1pm until 3am) in a fog bank with wind and rain. fun! apparently after i left there was crazy thunder/lightning and they had to shut things down. they kept the hot tubs running though, which was good because it was about 4 degrees out. that's basically the only thing that kept people from freezing to death. all in all it was a fun event though - i'd do it again next year. i'll just make sure i'm better prepared to spend the whole night outside. like i'll bring all my winter gear and a rain suit aka i'm-an-offshore-fisherman-suit. it was nice to get to know a few of my coworkers better as well. seeing as how i spend all my time in my office staring at a computer screen and looking stern and/or official, it's nice when people who i don't deal with on a daily basis get to see that i'm not all business and that i'm actually partially crazy and a real riot to hang out with. (i'm assuming they share my perception of myself. i wonder if they noticed that i'm rather conceited?)

well, that's it for today. pretty boring eh? but vernon seemed to want an update so there you go. :) life just isn't that interesting these days....

here's a parting shot of olivia heading up the stairs. she's really mobile now. she's actually just starting to stand up on her own....

ps: good evening pasadena!
(man, i'm a geek.)


Jenn F said...

Paula C of truth

Very clever. I am having some Depeche desires now. I wonder if I replaced those CDs. I think that I will go find out right now.

jen c said...

ya - you would have worked with the guy who made her name tag too...i forget his name. big DM fan.

Paula said...

Hey I'm just reading this now. I know, I'm very behind. Yay 101! yay Depeche Mode! (before they jumped the sharkt that is). Very cool. I'm going to have to go dig that up now.