Monday, June 18, 2007


well folks, this is it. post number 100. pretty cool, eh? i've been watching the number go up and up in the past few weeks and i was thinking "what should i blog about on number 100"? turns out, i came up with pretty much nothing. today was an ordinary day, in an ordinary week, with ordinary people doing ordinary things. not much to say there. it's been one year since this whole thing began. my first post was actually one year ago yesterday.... i think we were....somewhere.....wisconsin? toronto? yes, toronto. meeting V's dad for the first time! not scary at all, either. at least, not from my side. maybe it was for him, i'm not sure. although if it was, he covered it up very well. in fact, the entire family covered up the scariness of meeting me quite well. warm fuzzies all 'round for them. it's been a great year getting to know them all - even if it is mainly over great geographical distances.

and speaking of great geographical distances... oh how i miss vancouver. *sigh. *sniffle. *sigh. i wrote a big paragraph about all the things i miss....but i deleted it. that's not what this is about. yes, i miss home. yes i miss my friends (hi!). but i'm here now - so let's enjoy it! it's not snowing or incredibly windy so i'm going to relish that!

first though i should mention that after the hell exam last week (how could it have gone so badly? HOW?) V had collected the snacks i'd requested - yay V! there was also enough alcohol to kill a horse - which ended up being much needed. yay V!

secondly - as soon as the exam was finished i started knitting. dishclothes. ya. how boring is that? i can't help it - it's just so mindless. and soothing. so here's almost 4 dishclothes, plus one half finished man's sock. exciting, no? the sock is for V - he picked the yarn. i'm hoping it will fit him. he needs to bring his foot home so i can measure it again.

and thirdly - i picked up our first veggie order from the organic farm today. they didn't think they'd be open this early. in fact, he had emailed everyone to say they wouldn't be starting until early july (i think), but then it got hot and wow- the greens took off! so today we got a HUGE bunch of chinese cabbage (not bok choy, some other leafier variety - but still stiffer, like cabbage), salad greens, chives and green onions. you can tell that i'll be eating a big chivey salad tomorrow for lunch! the whole thing smells SO good too. i can't wait to eat it all. actual vegetables with FLAVOUR and SMELL. so rare in newfoundland. i hope vernon doesn't mind that he's missing the first one! ah well - they'll be many more.

as far as "milestone" posts go, this one basically sucks. maybe if i get some more sleep (entirely my fault - i just refuse to go to bed early. i'm like a three year old, i swear) i'll come up with some interesting top 100 list or 100 things (ick) but cooler. we'll see. or maybe i'll wait until 500. that'll buy me some time.........


berv said...

need an update, M!

sahara said...

Hey, there's beauty in the mundane, and utilitarian.

I totally love to knit dishcloths, especially if my brain wants a break from concentration. I can also try out new stitch patterns.

Best is, the comforting feeling I get, when I'm in the supermarket, and see the poorly made, overpriced dishcloths.