Sunday, June 17, 2007

the day

today was totally different from what i had actually planned. yesterday i ended up staying up WAY. TOO. LATE. like 2am too late. whoops. for some reason, when vernon is out of town and i'm left to entertain myself i end up staying up until the wee hours. a bit of a night hawk i guess. anyhoo - the really late night turned into a really late morning. so rather than hop out of bed and head straight up signal hill i crawled out of bed, over to the bodum and spent two hours drinking coffee and reading trashy novels. yay! michelle called around noon and we made plans to go run around quidi vidi lake. so an hour and a half later found me, my sister, and my neice chugging around the lake in the hottest part of the day (not the swiftest of plans) and for some reason there was no breeze. ugh. after that haul we discussed why some overweight women have no cellulite and why we hate them. we also went to canadian tire where i purchased a fan (it's damn hot here people) and some cereal bowls (cute, stripey, cheap). michelle bought a garbage can and some hangers. we really are a heap of excitement i tell you. it was great fun.

now, it's 11:30 and i'm not tired at all. great. i suppose i should go at least lie in the bed, if i want a chance to get any decent amount of sleep before work tomorrow.


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VR said...

just checking for your new blog! I'm going to Thai for dinner, and I suppose I'll see it then.