Saturday, June 16, 2007

a day of firsts

well - today was a good day. and it was a day of definite firsts for me!

- it was the first saturday since moving to st john's that i haven't felt like i should really be studying...something....anything. this will be a short lived feeling but i'm planning on enjoying it.
- it was the first time that i have ever changed a diaper. not an experience that i was looking forward to...but what are you going to do when you've got a baby that needs attention and you're like, the adult person. luckily it was only number one. i thank olivia for the gentle introduction.
- it was the first time that i have ever bought a sofa. it's a sofa bed and will arrive just as mom and dad LEAVE which totally sucks. but it's the only one i liked (really really liked) and so it will be here for me the next time they are here! i'm pretty sure i can scrounge a therma rest out of the closet and that i'm young enough to handle sleeping on the floor.

now, i'm going to leave the computer and go read a trashy novel. aaah, trashy novels, how i've missed you during my last semester.


on the docket for tomorrow - a big walk from my house, up signal hill, through quidi vidi and home. should be fun!


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