Tuesday, June 12, 2007


in 24 hours it will be over. actually, in about 21 or so hours it will be over. and i need to fit in much more reviewing and some serious sleeping in there as well. hmmm.

i definitely feel better about this compared to december... but do i feel "better enough"? i suppose time will tell.

the crappy part (ok, one of the crappy parts) is that it takes about 8 weeks to get the marks back on these exams. so i'll be into august before i know my fate. good thing i'm good at forgetting about it and not caring once that pencil goes down. i wouldn't want it to cramp my summer or anything.

ah summer. how i long for thee.


Rodrigo said...

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berv said...

ok, so the spammers actually made it through blogland, although I suppose the little spaniards must be doing this manually. But at first I thought you had a secret admirer!!! he he

jen c said...

hmmm....ya. i guess i'll have to put the comment moderation back on. we'll see. maybe that's the only spammer that will find me! at least it's for customized tshirts and not porn.