Wednesday, June 13, 2007

so this is it.

i feel vaguely ill. i've turned off the lectures, closed the books and now it's just up to fate. i could say that how well i do will depend solely on my own preparatory techniques, but i prefer to keep fate involved so if i crash as badly as i know is possible i can blame something other than myself.

i can feel the december exam at the back of my head - just sitting there, reminding me. i used that exam as one of my practice ones. it WAS a hard exam. the march one was hard too - but not as brutal as december. here's hoping june is a breeze. one of the funny things is that i do most of these things in my daily it's not like i don't know "how". sitting here putting together a cash flow statement from random pieces of information given on an exam and making mistakes and forgetting components and feeling like a general idiot...i need to remind myself that when i go back to work tomorrow one of the things on my list for the day is to put together the financial statements. you know - income statement, balance sheet, STATEMENT OF CASH FLOWS. i do it every month, every month i somehow manage to get it to balance. so obviously in the real world i have a handle on the concept.... now it's just a matter of seeing if i can get that concept to translate back into the world of academia. this is a backwards motion. usually we struggle with the leap in the opposite direction.

ok all - fingers crossed. in an hour or so i'll be starting to write. and in 30 minutes i'll be driving in my car. and in 5 i'll be eating whatever i can find in the fridge for a sort-of dinner.


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