Tuesday, June 05, 2007

doug savage is fantastic.

there is a guy at my sister's company who is a cartoonist (i have no idea what he does at his office job. office-ey type things i assume.). he has a site called Savage Chickens which is the most hilarious collection of chicken cartoons on post-it notes that i have ever seen. granted, it's the only collection of chicken cartoons on post-it notes that i've ever seen, but regardless - the man is sheer genius.

so when i was over there getting caught up on the last week or so of his postings i just about snorted tea out my nose at this one.

now...most of you know that i knit. sort of. i try anyway. and one of my favourite knitbloggers and authors is stephanie pearl-mcphee. she has several books and a great blog and she also has a brother-in-law who works with doctors without borders. a couple of years ago she issued a challenge to knitters to donate money, whatever they could, and started something called knitters without borders - you can see the link to it in my side bar. the idea was that if you can afford to buy yarn you can afford to give a up a little for people who need the help. it evolved out of the 2004 tsunami disaster but it has continued on well past that. you can read more about it here. it has been a raging success and to date the knitters have raised over 320,000 dollars. ya, i know. that's a lot of yarn money.

so when i saw that doug savage had drawn a cartoon for knitters without borders i just about keeled over. it's priceless. he needs to get that on a tshirt - STAT. or a tote bag. or a mug. or all three.

PS - doug actually commented on my blog on THIS post. paula, my sister, told him i had linked to him from here and he was nice enough to come on over and check it out.


JR said...

you're the best. I always look at my bookmarks and ignore Vern's never updated blog and then gleefully click yours to see what manner of hilarity you've parcelled out for us.

VR said...

she is the best, isn't she!? funny that she moderates conversations, of sorts, here. btw....I was in New brunswick for a day and a bit- commuting to teach/recruit. Busy times, busy times....