Monday, June 04, 2007


i drove out to blackhead after work because i saw that, according to there was a berg there! there are a lot of icebergs around the area right now. we are definitely in iceberg season. this could explain the cool air. anyway, i knew this one would be easy to see from the side of the road so i decided to just head out there straight from the office. i don't have a lot of time to take study breaks on week nights but this was definitely worth it. these are the first actual icebergs that i've really truly seen in real life. it was pretty cool. although i didn't see any skeletons hanging off of them... i was pretty jealous of all the people that i saw out walking today as well - it was a georgeous day - incredibly sunny, coolish air but a warm sun, great views of icebergs - what i like to think of a stereotypical newfoundland day. if only i'd seen some whales breaching while puffins flew by it would have been perfect!

the view as i drove into blackhead

'bergy goodness

a close-up

lots of people climbing around the little bergie bits growlers that had
already washed up on shore (yes, ones this teeny are called growlers. bergy bits are
actually 1-4 metres tall and 5-10 metres long.

hey look - there's another one over by signal hill!

i drove up there and got a closer look - this one had lots of
bergie bits trailing after it AND a little boat is
actually down there (hard to see in the photo)

a view of the first iceberg i saw, at blackhead, from signal hill

i'm not happy with these photos, but you get the idea. i have a point and shoot and honestly, sometimes i can't figure it out. i'm that mechanically challenged. scary, but true.

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Julian said...

wow that's awesome. Now you can justify a $5000 camera and a $5000 800mm telephoto lens to go with it. Then you'll be taking life-sized pictures of frozen seal turds on the berg while happily and safely ensconsed on the shoreline.